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D010 Getting Closer

D012 Down the Road

D023 Elephant with Twig

D038 Silent

G028 Elephant Family

G028E Elephant Family

G055 So Quietly

E074 Rhino Drink

G047 Sunrise Rhino

J002 Nowhere to Hide

J003 Leading On

F049 Buffalo Cow

G046 Beady Eyes

J004 Irritated

J016 Buffalo Bull

E025 King

E024 Contemplation

E062 Dreaming

E095 Purposeful

E097 Haughty

F050 Watching

F027 Waiting

J009 Lone Ranger

E032 Sleek

J012 The Kiss

E067 Rooikat

D031 Over the Branch

D039 Giraffe A

D040 Giraffe B

D041 Giraffe C

E026 From Up There

E027 Down and Up

G048E Giraffe Playpen

G072E Keep Close

C016 Spectators

E053 Drinking Line

E055 Wildebeest

J005 Survivors

D026 Kudu Cow

D027 Kudu Bull

D029 Balance of Nature

G051 Kudu Look

B001 Nyala Reflections

B013 Tentative

D020 Peeking

E068 Water Circles

J017 Nyala Bull

E075 Shade Lamb

E034 Cautious

D025 From the Undergrowth

C014 Waterbuck

D033E Waterbuck

G073E Blyde River Bushbuck

E041 Sable

E042 Blesbok and Lamb

G026 Steenbok

G030 Nervous

G032 Klipspringers

D015 Mothers

E064 Starting Out

E092 Everything New

C019 Roadside Caution

C009 Clash of Horns

C010 Locked Horns

G029 Dominance

E072 Ears Cocked

D018 Young and Old

B002 Stripes

B003 Mom

D022 Alert

F032 Zebra Smile

C013 Vervet Stare

E049 What Was I Thinking?

E046 Mom’s the Greatest

G057 Fur Coat

G027 Tree Squirrel

G075F Mopani Meal

E043 Squirrel

F036 Just Sitting

E028 The Prize

E035 Painted Lady

E036 Painted Lady 2

E056 Scarlet Tip

C008 Out of This World