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The thumbnail does not reflect the true proportions of the actual image. Click on the thumbnail to see the correct proportions of the final print and to find out a little more about each image.

B015 Skaapwagter

D003 Washing Well

D009 Lesotho Herders

H006 Andy

F040 Reminiscence

H012 Austin

H014 Austin A16

E084 Angler

F039 The Cellar

E083 Gran’s Kitchen

F034 Broken Promises

H016 Nativity Scene

F026 Daffodil

E056 Scarlet Tip

E035 Painted Lady 1

E036 Painted Lady 2

H001 Case

H003 Fordson Major

H004 McCormick-Deering

H005 McCormick-Deering 2

H009 - John Deere

H010 John Deere 620

H011 Farmall H

H013 Vaaljapie

E028 The Prize

C008 Out of This World

D028 Lister England