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E031 Raring to Go

A003 Angora

E061 Refreshment Stop

E044 Bounding

C017 Kitten

E089 Mother Hen

C004 Morning Sunshine

E006 Autumn at Hartlea

E021 On Pastures

F010 Cudding Time

F011 Triandra Heifers

F012 Inquisitive

F013 Triandra

F014 Triandra Cows

G034 Calving Season

G035 Nguni Bull

G036 Stare

G038 The Puffadder

G053 Bhululu

G043 Mom and Calf

G042 The Nursery

G039 Nguni Cow

G040 Nguni Herd

G054 Cow and Calf

G077 To Pastures